Texture Cooker

The Texture Cooker will automatically process and convert textures provided as PNG (Portable Network Graphics) into DDS (DirectDraw Surface) textures.


Use 8-bit PNG files with the appropriate postfix

Postfix DDS Format  
*.color.png BC7 sRGB Used in Diffuse and Specular Maps (with or without alpha)
*.normal.png BC5 Used in Normal Maps
*.data.png BC4 or BC7 Other maps in linear space grayscale (Roughness, Opacity, etc..)

A temporary texture will be applied during the converting process


Materials.json Workflow

When specifying textures in a main.materials.json file (ie. creating a skin for a vehicle), specify the PNG texture name. The game will automatically convert and use the final .DDS texture.


Converted Textures Location

Automatically converted texture are writen in the cache folder.

For instance /levels/mymap/art/shape/brick.color.png will be converted to /cache.xxxx/levels/mymap/art/shape/brick.color.dds

As the game engine use the same logic as .cdae, you can put the cached .dds just next to the source file and the game will use it, if it’s not oudated.