Clear Cache

The cache contains files generated when running the game, such as:

  • Compiled shaders
  • Imposters
  • .cdae (Cached Collada)
  • Generated Materials

Cache folders are located in the Userfolder and are separated by game version

The main benefits of the cache is to speed up loading times.
Loading a vehicle or level for which a cache exists already will take sensibly less.

Official content already ships with Cached Collada and Imposters files.
Mods instead will have their cache created the first time they are loaded in the game version in use.

Why clear it?

Clearing the cache can be used for several reason. Some of its use cases are:

  • To solve problems related to broken materials or textures (ie. No Texture, Grey materials, etc.)
  • To wipe old cache folders that are not used anymore, and free up storage space
  • To wipe the shader cache, which will force a new one to be generated

How to

Clear Cache can be access through the Launcher and is located in the Support Tools menu.
The tool will walk through your Userfolder and selectively choice what can be deleted

The duration of the process depends on various factors, such as:

  • The size and amount of files present in the cache
  • How fast the PC in use can walk through the files

Files found in unexpected locations will be moved into a unknown_files_user_backup folder in the Userfolder

In details

Any file path that begin with cache. will be removed

Any file path that are not in the whitelist will be moved to a backup folder.

The Whitelist as of 0.19 is :

  • mods
  • levels
  • trackEditor
  • editor/settings.json
  • screenshots
  • replays
  • settings
  • backups
  • gameTelemetries
  • beamng.log
  • *.pc