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Safe Mode

Safe Mode will launch the game using a temporary Userfolder.
This means that settings, mods and other personal files stored in the original Userfolder will not be loaded.
This is can be used to quickly verify the source of a problem.

Note: Because Safe Mode uses a temporary Userfolder, changes done in it will not be saved!

How to use

Safe Mode can be launched through the BeamNG.drive Launcher and is located in the Support Tools menu.



The problem is present only in Safe Mode

The source of the problem is within the Userfolder.
Please check your mods and similar. One or more may be outdated or broken, causing the problem you are experiencing.

The problem happens in Safe Mode too

The source of the problem is within the Gamefolder.
Some file in your game’s installation may be corrupted or broken. This can happen due a bad download for example.

If using Steam, it is possible to try repairing the installation via the Verify Integrity of Game Files feature.

If Steam is not able to fix, or you are not using Steam, a Clean Install. of the game is recommended.