Creating objects

Creating new objects in the editor can be achieved in several ways:

Create objects tool

  • Select the create object button (right side)
  • Select a group of object types (left)
  • Select an object type and you can start lmb clicking into the viewport to add instances. If the object type doesnt need clicking in the viewport, then its not necessary to click to create, for example sky will be created as soon as you press the toolbar button.
  • Press Esc key to end the creation process

Asset browser drag and drop

You can drag and drop Collada DAE files from the Asset Browser into the viewport to create TSStatic objects.

Object duplication

This method will duplicate the current object selection. See Duplicating Object Selection for more info.

Other tools in the editor might also supply local means of creating specific objects, like Forest Editor, Road Editor, Decal Editor and so on.

Other SimObject derived classes

If you want to create a class instance that is not visible in the creation toolbar buttons, you can choose the create other classes button in the create toolbar:


From there you can choose a class, search for it, and press the Create button to create an instance of it, make sure you select a folder or a sibling in the scene tree window, otherwise it will be added to the root of the tree (bottom).