Decal Editor

The decal editor is used to place decals on any surface.

To access the Decal Editor, activate it from the main menu of the World Editor by selecting decal tool edit mode in the toolbar:


Adding / Deleting Decals

Add decals by first selecting one of the templates in the inspector window and then holding Alt + lmb click on the desired position in the level. Delete them by pressing Delete. When you hold Shift while lmb clicking and dragging the gizmo, you duplicate the currently selected decals.

Editing Decals

Position, rotate and scale decals by selecting them and then using the gizmo in one of the three modes. You can also select multiple decals by holding Ctrl down.

Inspector Menu

There are two tabs in the Inspector menu for decals: Templates shows all the Decal Templates (DecalData) currently loaded. Select one of them to look at/change their properties and start placing those decals in the level. You can also create new templates or delete them.

The other tab is Instances. It shows a list of all decal instances in the level. You can also select them here or delete them. In the Instances menu you can also see the position and size of the currently selected decal.


Shortcut Function
Alt + lmb Place a new decal
Delete Delete selected decal
Ctrl + lmb Group-select multiple decals
Shift + drag gizmo Duplicate selected decals