Predefined Mission Types

The easiest way to create a mission is to use the predefined mission types. This includes all the available mission types in the mission type selector with the exception of flowgraph .

Creating one of those missions is as simple as selecting one of the mission types, and filling in the required properties.

Once you are done, simply save the mission, close the world editor with F11, and use Ctrl + L to reload Lua, and your mission should now appear on the map for you to try it.


This mission type involves driving from point A to point B.

It allows to set-up multiple settings like a time limit, a chase vehicle, a damage limit, etc.


The player will be racing on a short dragstrip against themselves or another vehicle.


Drift around in an area or from A to B, trying to reach the highest score possible.

This mode also allows setting up bonus zones, as well as a prefab.


The player will be trying to jump the furthest distance using a ramp or cliff.


The player will be parking a provided vehicle inside multiple parking spots with a timelimit. Points will be awarded for accuracy.

Follow the instructions within the editor to create a new parking spot, and save as with the name “spots”. You will then need to drag the parking spot’s file to your mission’s folder.

Last modified: 3/12/2021 11:52

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