Contacting Support

Game related problems

If you are having issues with the game please contact us using the Support button located in the game’s launcher, and do as follows:

This will prepare a ZIP file that contains only your game logs and this is what we use to help you as quickly as possible.

After step three, our support form will open. Please fill out the form as best as you can and hit the Send Message button when you have finished.

  • Please check that you have typed your email address correctly! If not we will not be able to reply to you.
  • Disable all of your mods first. We do not provide help with problems caused by mods.
  • Describe your issue(s) in detail within the form. This will help us help you!

We usually reply within 48 hours, or as soon as possible. During week-ends and holidays, it may take longer.

Other Issues

If you need to contact us regarding other issues (order & payment, questions) or if you are unable to access the game’s launcher, you may contact us directly using this form:

A developer asked for a Support ID

Sometimes a developer will ask you for a Support ID. This is used to allow us to have a look at your game logs and settings.

Simply click this link, and follow the instructions:

Make sure to provide this ID number when you reply back to the developer

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