Steering Wheel: Common Problems and Solutions

If you cannot find any help for your issue in this page, or if you want to systematically check that everything is set up correctly, please try the Input Troubleshooting Guide. doesn’t even show my device in Options > Controls > Hardware, but works fine in other games

:vspl Steam is probably hiding the device from the operating system while certain games are running. To fix this:

  • Open Steam, go to View, click Big Picture Mode.
  • Click the top-right settings icon, go to Controller, Controller Settings.
  • Uncheck all of PS4, Xbox and Generic Gamepad Configuration Support options. You can now exit Big Picture mode. Try running again, the device shouldn’t be hidden any more.
It’s also possible to disable this on a per-game basis. Go to the game’s properties (within Steam) and under ‘‘Steam Input’’ choose ‘‘Forced Off’’

If that hasn’t fixed it, and you’re using a Logitech G29 wheel:

  1. Search for “Logitech Gaming Software” on your PC
  2. Start the program
  3. You should not have to restart, and your wheel should be detected

The device is detected by, but nothing works

  • We provide bindings for a handful of common devices. If your device is not one of those, you will have to configure the controls before you can use it (go to Options > Controls).

Wheel acts weird

  • Make sure you have closed the Windows drivers window before opening
  • Make sure to NOT open the Windows drivers window while is open.

Pedals act like buttons

Some steering wheels have console compatibility modes.

  • Make sure you fully read its manual to understand how your hardware works and how to change that behaviour.
  • It is also possible that you have installed software that intercepts and changes how joysticks, steering wheels and gamepads behave. If you did that, please disable or uninstall that software and try again.

Cannot set up the throttle or the brake, car does strange things

  • If your steering wheel only provides combined throttle/brake axes, use the “throttle and brake” binding, and remove any wheel bindings under the “throttle” and under the “brake” sections.
  • If your steering wheel provides separate throttle/brake axis, use the “throttle” bindind and the “brake” binding, and remove any wheel binding under the “throttle and brake” section.

Cannot get steering to work, car only veers to one side

  • Make sure you have not added any wheel bindings to “steer left” or to “steer right”. If you have manually added any, remove them. Add one binding for “steering” instead.

Car steers to the opposite side it should

  • Open the steering binding, click the “Inverted Axis” and then “Apply”.

Car does not accelerate until I press the brake

  • Open the brake binding, click the “Inverted Axis” and then “Apply”.

Car does not brake until I press the throttle

  • Open the throttle binding, click the “Inverted Axis” and then “Apply”.

Car brakes correctly, but then goes full speed into reverse after it stops

  • You are using the ‘Arcade’ shifting mode. Switch to ‘Realistic’ shifting mode using the key ‘Q’.

Steering is too fast, car is impossible to control

  • Make sure the wheel is in 900º or 1080º (or whatever steering angle your steering wheel supports).

In Logitech G25/G27 wheels, you can change that at any time during gameplay, by pressing the two middle red buttons on your H-shifter, while at the same time you press the bottom black button in the H-shifter. In other wheels, check their manual (you may have to close and open their drivers options in Windows Control Panel to adjust it).

Car steers slightly to the left (or right) when pointing straight

  • Make sure you are not using a vehicle mod that may have altered the suspension design of the vehicle, or that the car you are driving doesn’t have a natural tendency to veer left/right under acceleration (it can happen with powerful vehicles, or with certain suspension types).
  • Make sure to calibrate the steering wheel from the Windows Control Panel drivers window. Some wheels need to be unplugged and plugged again for calibration to happen.

Logitech wheel isn’t detected / has no clutch / has less than 900 degrees of range / has no force feedback / random failure

  1. Install the latest Logitech drivers.
  2. Then make sure the steering wheel is detected when you open the Logitech driver software.
  3. And then make sure the steering wheel model shown by Logitech drivers is actually your exact steering wheel model.

If it’s not detected correctly, try unplugging and plugging the wheel again. Try using a different USB port. Try restarting the computer. Try uninstalling and then installing again the official drivers.

G29 / 920 turns all the way left / right

Logitech G29 and G920 used to turn full left or full right in buggy versions of their drivers released before 2017, and also starting sometime around summer 2019. Update to the absolute latest official version of relevant Logitech software/drivers.
  • Fully uninstall all previous versions if necessary. After installing, make sure to check that the installed version is the one you installed, and not some other version that Windows installed.

  • If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling/reinstalling Logitech Gaming Software and/or Logitech G-Hub software.

G920 crashes the game unless force feedback is disabled

Logitech G920 used to crash certain games in buggy versions of their drivers released before 2017.

  • Fully uninstall all previous versions if necessary. After installing, make sure to check that the installed version is the one you installed, and not some other version that Windows installed.

G27 / G29 shifting leds don’t work

  • LEDs are not supported for any steering wheel model. They were supported in the past, but they could also lead to random/buggy forces and to steering angle resets, so the feature was removed.

My steering wheel turns all the way left / right

  • Try checking/unchecking the “Inverted” checkbox under the Force Feedback tab. Some steering wheels or driver updates need a different setting.

See also “G29 / 920 turns all the way left / right”

My Thrustmaster steering wheel turns all the way left / right since September 2017

  • Update to v0.11 or newer. If it’s still not working correctly, go to Options > Controls > Reset All.

My direct drive steering wheel has no force feedback, or has force feedback for only a brief period of time

  • Make sure you have configured and enabled force feedback (most of them have no bundled control presets). Once that’s done, try switching the Update Type from “Fast (default)” to “Full” and click Apply.

Delay between turning the wheel and the response in-game

  • Please first verify if the game is actually receiving the input correctly. Go to Options > Controls > Hardware menu and see if the slider is also affected there.
  1. If not, please find the ‘Steering’ binding, click on it and make sure that the “filter” is set to “direct”

  2. If it’s still delayed, try to increase your framerate as much as possible (100 FPS or greater is recommended). Sacrificing Graphics Lighting settings can help.

  3. Try switching to full screen mode, this will remove a couple of frames of lag. Note that “borderless” mode does NOT necessarily provide any response gain, but actual “fullscreen” mode will improve responsiveness for sure.

  4. Try turning VSync off if you can stand the screen tearing. This will remove a couple of frames of lag.

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