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This page provides information on how Third Party applications can detect where the User Folder is located, and how to detect the version of the installed copy of the game.

User Folder

User Folder Location & Structure

Regardless of the game’s version, if the user has customized their User Path using the launcher, you can find the in the Windows registry key:

Regardless of the game’s version, customizing the User Path through the’s Launcher, a key in the Windows Registry is created containing this custom path.

This key is located in: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BeamNG\\userpath_override.

Alternatively, it is also possible for the user to override the User Path by editing the startup.ini file located in the game’s root path.

Default User Folder Location

Prior to version 0.22, the the User Folder was not separated between each game’s version The default user folder location has been C:\Users\%USER%\My Documents\BeamNG.Drive.

Starting with version 0.22 the User Folder data is now versioned. In practice this means that the user data will now be located in %USER_FOLDER%\%GAME_VERSION% where GAME_VERSION indicates the current game version.

For versions < the version string will read: %USER_FOLDER%\

For versions >= the version string will read: %USER_FOLDER%\0.22.

The default user path has been updated to C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\BeamNG.Drive.

Determining The Game’s Version

Third party applications can determine the version of the installed copy of the game as follows:

Versions Older Than

There is no way to obtain version information for these versions of the game.

Versions Equal To

For this version, there is a Windows Registry Key available at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BeamNG\\version

Versions Greater Than

Besides the version registry key mentioned above, these files also provide the game’s version:

  • %USER_FOLDER%\version.txt: File which contains the latest version number of the game.
  • %USER_FOLDER%\latest.lnk: Windows shortcut to the latest versioned data folder used by the game.

Accessing User Folder

You can always use LauncherManage User FolderOpen in Explorer to navigate to the current user folder location.

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