How to report issues

Before submitting any bug report, please launch the game in Safe Mode , check the Known Issues page and follow the provided instructions.

Known Issues

You can always find an up-to-date list of known issues with the game here:

You can also find dedicated threads for specific errors and potential workarounds on the forums .

Your reports are extremely important to us, and we are always listening in order to improve the game. Please do not hesitate to report any issues you encounter, there are several ways to do so:

If the problem still persists in Safe Mode

If nothing helped, post your issue on the forums .

Submitting a crash report

If the game crashes, you may be prompted to submit an automated report:

Crash reports are sent directly to the development team. Please keep in mind that you will not receive feedback on these reports. all logs are processed internally, and any potential solutions will be deployed in the upcoming releases.

Reporting on the forum

When reporting a bug, please use Safe Mode before submitting. Very often, post-release errors occur due to problems with modifications, cache, and damaged files.

After each release, a dedicated thread is published in the General Discussion section, where you can report any problems you encounter. These include bugs, car behavior, and any other issues.

When reporting, make sure to include the following information:

  • Describe exactly all the necessary steps to reproduce the error. This will allow our team to repeat your steps and then find the cause of the problem. Please do not forget to indicate vehicle, map, and game settings (if the problem does not occur on other settings)
  • If there is a problem with textures or locations, navigate to this location and press Alt+O. Copy and paste your link, we will be able to quickly indicate the issue
  • If necessary, share your hardware specifications (GPU model, CPU, RAM, etc.)

How to contact support

You can submit a ticket here or use the address:

It is important to be specific and accurate when it comes to the details of your issue.

In addition to the completed Ticket Form, please include a Support ID .

What is a Support ID?

Support ID is an archive of your logs that the team requires to investigate the cause of the issue.

You may collect your Support ID via this link:

What information am I sending?

  • Launcher logs - Allows you to diagnose startup problems, errors during file migration, and more.
  • DxDiag - This file provides data about your hardware. For example: GPU, CPU, and RAM. This way, we can see if your PC meets the minimum requirements to run the game, detect any problematic drivers, so we can provide appropriate advice
  • Game logs - In simple terms, this is a description of your game session and any actions within it. These logs allow us to quickly diagnose potential causes for the issue
  • List of mods - This list helps to identify the number of mods and possible problems with them. A repeated error seen from multiple players may be caused by the same outdated or corrupt mod
  • Settings - This is a list of your game settings. These can reveal potential causes for the problem you are encountering
  • Temp folder - This folder usually contains a file with libraries. It allows us to detect conflicts between any third-party software and the game. It also contains a folder with crash reports which, if necessary, is forwarded to our development team for further investigation

Support ID files are only available to developers, so you can post your Support ID on the forums.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to always include the Support ID in your support ticket to speed up the investigation process.

Why am I asked to send my Support ID multiple times?

Since your original support request has been submitted we may have deployed a potential fix, or we may require fresh logs to investigate the issue further.

You can find information about game releases here:

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