Known Issues

Last updated: July 05, 2022

Version 0.25

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Known Issues
  • License plate can take a long time to update / load
  • Navigation app may cause performance instabilities and inconsistent frame rate. Consider removing it from the UI Layout if the problem persists
  • Users with lower-end GPUs may experience performance issues
  • Police parts' glowmaps look a bit weird
Outdated & Corrupt Mods
  • BeamMP may cause instabilities and issues with the game and game UI. If upon launch your UI is black as shown below, try the following steps:
    • Uninstall the mod
    • Navigate to your Userfolder and remove the /multiplayer folder from the /mods folder
    • If this didn’t help, back up the contenst of your Userfolder and completely remove it
  • Gavril H-Series Addon by AR162B will cause missing doors on H-Series van
  • Legran Pack by burilkovdeni may cause issues with vehicles
Fixed in 0.25.4
  • Island Rallycross Club Race A: AI doesn’t see the road on a junction
  • Target Jump mission does not freeze the vehicle properly, so you can start driving before the countdown ends (info: fix is being worked on, coming for the hotfix probably)
  • Some users may experience loss of sound in the game. We are investigating it
Fixed in 0.25.3
  • Traffic will sometimes not spawn properly in Garage 2 Garage Missions. This will be resolved in the upcoming hotfix
  • The Driver Training Campaign Achievement cannot be obtained currently. This will be resolved in the upcoming hotfix, the achievement will be obtainable by completing the final mission of the ported campaign
  • Missions may not work correctly when the “Competetive Scenario Conditions” are disabled in the settings (info: it will allow the user to perform the usually blocked actions)
Fixed in 0.25.1
  • Disabling Options > Camera > Driver > [ ] Automatically center view on release will still recenter camera when the vehicle moves or stops
  • Audio on Linux are not working ( see this thread )

Older Known Issues

Version 0.24

Discussion Thread | Release Notes

Fixed in 0.25
  • Hotlapping app may not work correctly
  • UI sounds may misbehave
  • x86 version is not working
  • Text scaling on the top menu bar may not work properly
  • Torque Curve app may not work properly. We are investigating this
  • The leaderboard in Time Trial Missions does not use the correct license plate. We are investigating this
  • Launching the game in Vulkan Mode may cause instabilities with the game, crashes, and blurred visuals. If you’re experiencing these or any other issues with Vulkan, please check this forum thread
Fixed in
  • Water textures may sometimes glitch at random. The team is aware of the issue and we are investigating the cause
Fixed in
  • Game performance may be impacted in some instances of intensive use (i.e. resetting the vehicle frequently, spawning huge numbers of traffic vehicles, and so on).
  • Showroom Thumbnail generator is not working.
  • Unable to modify bindings - can happen to some users with localized Windows (including Korean).
Fixed in 0.24.1
  • Option to Show custom vehicles in vehicle selector is not working
Fixed in
  • Automation mods and some props are not visible in the vehicle selector. We are investigating this
  • If you’re having issues bringing up the Quick Access Menu (aka Radial Menu):
    1. Make sure the top bar menu is closed
    2. Make sure you press the correct key (E by default)
    3. If steps above don’t work, you have to reload the UI with F5 and repeat steps 1 and 2
  • In some cases it is not possible to customize bindings (under ControlsBindings)
  • UI apps cannot be resized
  • Default vehicle cannot be saved
  • Spawn button does not work correctly in Freeroam (only default spawn point works). This issue will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix, as a workaorund, please double-click the desired location instead of using the Spawn button
Fixed in
  • Game doesn’t launch with a 0x5000003 error. We are investigating this issue, as a workaround, pelase follow these steps:
    1. Create a folder that has no special characters in the path, for example C:\BeamNG
    2. Navigate to the game install folder (default: Steam\steamapps\common\
    3. Locate file startup.ini
    4. Open it with a text editor
    5. Change path (UserPath = ) to the folder you’ve created in step 1
  • Radial Menu missing
    • We’ve added Radial Menu button to the top bar to make it more visible (press E or use the gamepad left stick)

Version 0.23

Discussion Thread | Release Notes

Fixed in 0.24
  • Game cannot be launched with 0xC0000135 STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND error. Please try the following steps:
    • Perform a Clean Install of the game
    • If this did not help, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from this page (choose applicable: vc_redist.x86.exe or vc_redist.x64.exe)
  • Hotlapping UI App is not working correclty. We are investigating this issue.
  • In rare cases, World Editor may operate in an unstable manner
  • Gauges may display incorrectly when switching vehicles. We are investigating this issue.
  • Issues with campaigns - Husle and Bustle:
    • Missing HUD when starting Prelude chapter.
      • Temporary workaround: Press ESC → Find Customize UI Apps → Switch from Freeroam to Scenario in the drop-down menu
    • Impossible to complete Action Chase due to the chased vehicle moving too fast. We are investigating this issue.
Outdated Mods
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems mod is causing broken UI and vehicle issues
  • 1995 Ibishu Kashira mod is causing issues with tire textures. Please disable this mod.
  • BeamMP may cause instabilities and issues with game UI (Scenarios, Campaigns, Time Trials, and Bus Mode were reported, where {{ txt | translate }} prevents UI to be shown). Try removing this mod to verify. Make sure to Clear Cache after the mod is removed.
Fixed in 0.23.5
Fixed in 0.23.3
  • Time Trials results are not being shown correctly.
Fixed in 0.23.1
  • Some official vehicles may be incorrectly displayed as mods. We are investigating this issue.

Version 0.22

Discussion Thread

Fixed in 0.23
  • Vehicle Triggers not fully supported by gamepads
    • Temporary solution: Make sure your cursor is at the center of the screen. Triggers will turn green when focused, indicating they can be operated.
  • Logitech G923 - under some conditions, Xbox versions of this hardware may not be visible in-game. Possible workaround:
    • Connect the wheel, then open and close the game at least once
    • Open your user folder
    • Go inside the ‘Temp’ folder, and open the ‘xinputcache.txt’ file with any text editor. You’ll see several lines. One of them mentions your G923 steering wheel
    • In the second column of that line, please replace the ‘X’ with a ‘D’
    • Save your changes and close the editor
    • Start the game. The wheel should now be visible
  • Logitech G923 (PS4) and G29 - game doesn’t launch or launches in the background
    • Rollback G-Hub to version 2021.3.5164 and disable auto-updates
  • Creator Mode causes game crashes.
  • Licence Plates not using the correct format when using country-specific plates
Fixed in
  • Ibishu Hopper Crawler suspensions not working correctly
  • ETK 800 and K Series: error message when disabling ESC
Fixed in
  • Game settings are not migrated between game versions
  • Random crashes when using the Node Grabber
  • Options ➜ Bindings menu not updating (or slowly) when changing bindings
Fixed in
  • Safe Mode not working properly

Version 0.21

Discussion Thread

Fixed in 0.21.3
  • Remote Control App doesn’t work
  • Removing electronics from ETK800 causes game to freeze
  • Supply Delivery scenario truck has no towhitch to hook trailer
Fixed in 0.21.2
  • Ibishu 200BX ABS not working properly
Fixed in 0.21.1
  • Exit button in main menu may not work for some
  • Recorded replays do not load properly between game sessions