Known Issues

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Version 0.23

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Known Issues
  • Game cannot be launched with 0xC0000135 STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND error. Please try the following steps:
    • Perform a Clean Install of the game
    • If this did not help, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from this page (choose applicable: vc_redist.x86.exe or vc_redist.x64.exe)
  • Hotlapping UI App is not working correclty. We are investigating this issue.
  • In rare cases, World Editor may operate in an unstable manner
  • Gauges may display incorrectly when switching vehicles. We are investigating this issue.
  • Issues with campaigns - Husle and Bustle:
    • Missing HUD when starting Prelude chapter.
      • Temporary workaround: Press ESC → Find Customize UI Apps → Switch from Freeroam to Scenario in the drop-down menu
    • Impossible to complete Action Chase due to the chased vehicle moving too fast. We are investigating this issue.
Outdated Mods
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems mod is causing broken UI and vehicle issues
  • 1995 Ibishu Kashira mod is causing issues with tire textures. Please disable this mod.
  • BeamMP may cause instabilities and issues with game UI (Scenarios, Campaigns, Time Trials, and Bus Mode were reported, where {{ txt | translate }} prevents UI to be shown). Try removing this mod to verify. Make sure to Clear Cache after the mod is removed.
Fixed in 0.23.5
Fixed in 0.23.3
  • Time Trials results are not being shown correctly.
Fixed in 0.23.1
  • Some official vehicles may be incorrectly displayed as mods. We are investigating this issue.

Older Known Issues

Version 0.22

Discussion Thread

Fixed in 0.23
  • Vehicle Triggers not fully supported by gamepads
    • Temporary solution: Make sure your cursor is at the center of the screen. Triggers will turn green when focused, indicating they can be operated.
  • Logitech G923 - under some conditions, Xbox versions of this hardware may not be visible in-game. Possible workaround:
    • Connect the wheel, then open and close the game at least once
    • Open your user folder
    • Go inside the ‘Temp’ folder, and open the ‘xinputcache.txt’ file with any text editor. You’ll see several lines. One of them mentions your G923 steering wheel
    • In the second column of that line, please replace the ‘X’ with a ‘D’
    • Save your changes and close the editor
    • Start the game. The wheel should now be visible
  • Logitech G923 (PS4) and G29 - game doesn’t launch or launches in the background
    • Rollback G-Hub to version 2021.3.5164 and disable auto-updates
  • Creator Mode causes game crashes.
  • Licence Plates not using the correct format when using country-specific plates
Fixed in
  • Ibishu Hopper Crawler suspensions not working correctly
  • ETK 800 and K Series: error message when disabling ESC
Fixed in
  • Game settings are not migrated between game versions
  • Random crashes when using the Node Grabber
  • Options ➜ Bindings menu not updating (or slowly) when changing bindings
Fixed in
  • Safe Mode not working properly

Version 0.21

Discussion Thread

Fixed in 0.21.3
  • Remote Control App doesn’t work
  • Removing electronics from ETK800 causes game to freeze
  • Supply Delivery scenario truck has no towhitch to hook trailer
Fixed in 0.21.2
  • Ibishu 200BX ABS not working properly
Fixed in 0.21.1
  • Exit button in main menu may not work for some
  • Recorded replays do not load properly between game sessions