Known Issues

Last updated: Apr 9, 2021

Version 0.22

Discussion Thread

Fixed for next hotfix
  • Game settings are not migrated between game versions
  • Random crashes when using the Node Grabber
  • Options ➜ Bindings menu not updating (or slowly) when changing bindings
Known issues
  • Vehicle Triggers do not work with gamepad
  • Vehicles SFX cutting out if many vehicles are spawned
    • Temporary solution: Increase the amount of maximum voices in Options ➜ Audio
Fixed in
  • Safe Mode not working properly

Older Known Issues

Version 0.21

Discussion Thread

Fixed in 0.21.3
  • Remote Control App doesn’t work
  • Removing electronics from ETK800 causes game to freeze
  • Supply Delivery scenario truck has no towhitch to hook trailer
Fixed in 0.21.2
  • Ibishu 200BX ABS not working properly
Fixed in 0.21.1
  • Exit button in main menu may not work for some
  • Recorded replays do not load properly between game sessions