Clean Install

A Clean Install serves to remove any broken or corrupted files that may be located within your Gamefolder or Userfolder. This is the most effective way to return to the game to a full vanilla condition, with no modified files being loaded.

You can find the Userfolder from Launcher > Manage Userfolder > Open in Explorer

Before deleting the Userfolder, backup any important file you may want to keep first.


  1. Uninstall from Steam
  2. Delete your Userfolder
  3. Delete BeamNG.Drive folder from Steam/Steamapp/common
  4. Reinstall

Humble Bundle - DRM-Free ZIP / Installer

  1. Remove from your PC
  2. Delete your Userfolder
  3. Redownload the game from your Humble Bundle account / order page
  4. Reinstall
Last modified: 13/10/2022 13:29

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