The BeamNG Flowgraph is a dynamic node based scripting language that allows everyone to create immersive and interactive gameplay experiences for without typing a single line of code.


The idea that sparked Flowgraph was that we want to enable the users to create content on their own, giving them the tools for expressing their creativity.

Creating your own logic for a level or a mission was already possible previously in, but required a deep understanding of the already existing code base and the ability to write your own code to extend it.
With Flowgraph we are giving you a tool, that allows you to drag-and-drop everything you need into a visual interface, where you can easily arrange and organize the different sections of your gameplay.


To help you get started with Flowgraph, we have a growing set of examples , that showcase the basic concepts and ideas, that you can use for your own projects.
You can check out the Editor page for an explanation on how to interact with the Flowgraph Editor.
For a more literal overview of what Flowgraph has to offer, feel free to take a look at the following pages:

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