This feature allows to manipulate vehicle’s nodes using the cursor. This makes it possible to:

  • Grab & Drag node
  • Pin node mid-air
  • Attach node to another node

How to

Grab a node

  1. Hold CTRL (the default key) to enable the feature.
  2. Move your cursor over a vehicle. All the vehicle’s nodes will be highlighted via a sphere.
  3. Click and hold the Left Mouse Button (the default button) to grab a node.

Adjust grab strength

While grabbing a node, use Mouse Wheel Up/Down to adjust the strength of the grab. The strength is displayed on the on-screen label.

Pin a node

While grabbing a node, press the Middle Mouse Button to pin a node.

Attach a node to another node

While grabbing a node, hover over another node and press the Middle Mouse Button when the label indicates so via a change of color (see visual example below). To detach two nodes that were previously attached, simply middle-click on one of the attached nodes.

Check the on-screen label to know which action your middle-click will perform.

Feature videos

Last modified: 23/4/2021 12:54

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