Common issues with mods

Sometimes mods can cause issues with the game. It may happen due to a number of reasons: mods may conflict with each other, mods may use outdated textures, mods may confict with the game files, etc.

Sometimes mods can introduce issues to the game, from minor bugs to complete unusability of certain content. This can happen for a number of reasons such as:

  • Mod is Outdated and/or Broken
  • Mod is replacing core game files
  • Mods are conflicting with each other

Below you will find information on how to solve the most common issues related to mods.

Game crash

Particularly broken mods can cause the game to crash when doing certain actions. If you are experiencing such issue, follow these steps:

No texture / No material

Sometimes a mod may contain errors with materials or textures, and would display the No Texture and No Material warnings.

Some reasons for this to happen are:

  • The mod is trying to load a material or texture that does not exists anymore
  • The mod is replacing original materials/textures with broken or outdated versions. This will cause these warnings to appear on official content too!
  • The cache contains broken or outdated materials some mod left behind

Example of No texture and No material Example of No texture and No material

If you experiencing this issue, try in this specific order:

  1. Disable all your mods
  2. Wipe old/broken cache files with Clear cache
  3. With all mods still disabled, check if the issue is gone

If the issue is solved, you may try to activate your mods again.

Enabling the mod that caused the issue in first place will cause the issue to appear again. To solve this, first delete that mod, and then perform a Clear Cache again

Can’t drive / Stuck in loading screen

A heavily broken mod may affect the correct functionality of the game’s core, leading to fatal errors. Some reasons that can lead to this are:

  • Mod is replacing core game files, breaking the game’s logic
  • Mod has corrupted the game’s installation (e.g. the mod was wrongly installed in the installation folder)

In this case, please follow all the instructions in the Safe Mode page.

Weird vehicle behavior

If an official vehicle is behaving weirdly, please check that:

  • Any vehicle’s mod installed is actually compatible/made for the version of the game you are using (check the mods' release/update date)
  • Check if the issue is present in Safe Mode

Missing or incorrect sounds

One of your mods is probably conflicting with another mod or with game’s files.

Issues persist

If you are still experiecing issues you are not able to solve with the help of this page, let us try to assist by getting in touch our support .

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