Meshroad Editor


Meshroads are strip of rectangular mesh segments defined by a 3D spline. The Meshroad Editor can be used to create and edit these.

The Inspector window is required to adjust various properties of a meshroad.

Adding and Editing Meshroads

When selecting this edit mode, two options will appear below the main toolbar:

  • Default Width: The width of the road mesh
  • Default Depth: The thickness of the road mesh

These will be the initial values for any new meshroad that will be created.

Toolbar options Toolbar options

Creating a Meshroad

Add a new meshroad to the level with these steps:

  1. Press ALT and then hover the cursor on the viewport to display a preview of the first node.
  2. While holding ALT click the Left Mouse Button to create the node.
  3. Repeat step #2 until to create the other nodes.
  4. When done, release ALT to finalize the meshroad.
Editing a Meshroad

To edit an existing meshroad:

  1. Select the meshroad by clicking on it. Selected meshroad will display a white outline/wireframe and its nodes will be shown as red spheres.
  2. Click on a sphere to select a node, then use the gizmo to translate or scale the node as needed. Press Delete to remove the node.
  3. Hold ALT to create new nodes. Use this to either add new nodes inbetween existing ones, or to extend the meshroad.

  • Scaling a node will affect the width of the meshroad around it.
  • Meshroads will be extended from their last node. To extend a road from the first node, make sure to select that node first.
  • Press Delete when the entire meshroad is selected to remove it entirely.
  • It is possible to copy & paste properties from one meshroad to another by simply selecting each and respectively pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V

Inspector Window

When a Meshroad is selected, several of its options are displayed in the Inspector window

Inspector when a meshroad is selected Inspector when a meshroad is selected

The relevant properties are:

Sculpt Mode
Sculpt Mode
Coordinates of the selected node
Sculpt Mode
Width of the selected node
Sculpt Mode
Meshroad thickness at the selected node
Sculpt Mode
Split Mesh Road
Split the meshroad into two separate meshroads, with the selected node defining the split point
Sculpt Mode
material to use on the top surface
Sculpt Mode
material to use on the bottom surface
Sculpt Mode
material to use on the side surfaces
Sculpt Mode
How much to stretch the texture along the meshroad’s length
Sculpt Mode
Lower values will crate smoother meshes, at cost of more complex geometry. Use to balance complexity and performance
Sculpt Mode
Subdivide the mesh along the meshroad’s length. Will greatly increase its geometry complexity, but help with smoothness in certain cases
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