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Asset naming

These conventions are for the asset files (textures, shapes, sounds, etc.), not script files

Folders: lowercase with underscores (where needed), example: /game/campaigns/bus_minichapter/

Files: lowercase with underscores (where needed), example: jungle_rock_island_preview.jpg



The userfolder is a folder where all the user data, some required to run the game, is stored (ie. cache, logs, mods, screenshots, settings).

This folder is located by default in C:/Users/<CurrentUser>/Documents/ The default position can be changed by editing, with a text editor such as notepad, the startup.ini file located in the game’s main directory.

Note: On Windows 10, if OneDrive is enabled, there's a possibility for the userfolder to be located in C:/Users/<CurrentUser>/OneDrive/

How does it work?

The userfolder acts like a mirror of the game’s folder, and has higher priority on loading.


In the image above, the gamefolder (left) and userfolder (right) are side by side.

Mirror: Some similarities with the folder structure of the game’s folder, as highlighted in the paths (for the game, both are levels/east_coast_usa)

Higher priority: The game will load the bank_robbery.prefab file in the userfolder, replacing the one in the gamefolder. If that file is modified, those modifications will be loaded. If that file is removed, the game will be loading the original file in the gamefolder instead.

These properties can be particular handy when modding, as those allows to replace game’s files, without actually modifying them, being able to revert the changes at any time and reducing the changes of having to re-download the game in case of missing backups.

This works for almost any part of the game, such as vehicles, art, ui, etc.


  • Lua VMs
  • Simple vehicles

Filesystem (VFS)


Glossary / Terms

Change log

  • May 2019: first release