Path Camera

Path Camera is a special camera mode that allows the camera to move along a predefined camera path. This can be useful to create smooth cinematic shots.

A camera path is made out of multiple Markers, which defines various things like:

  • Camera position and rotation
  • Field of View
  • Timing
  • Smoothing parameters

These paths can be easily created using the Camera Path Editor tool.

Camera Path Editor

Open the World Editor with F11 and click the Camera Path Editor icon in the toolbar

The following video tutorial briefly explains how to use this Editor:

Use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly speed up the path creation process. They can be found in the bottom bar of the World Editor.

Replay Integration

Path Camera can also be used in Replays. When doing so al all markers timing will be in relation to the replay timeline.

The following video tutorial briefly explains how to use both features together:

Learn more about Replays at the Replay Mode article.

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